Delete photos or videos, or delete guest data

If a guest accidentally takes embarrassing photos or later asks you to delete a photo, you can delete the photos/videos of a session from the event's gallery.

If you're the owner of the event

First, make sure you are logged into Shared.Gallery:

  • Go to your event on the Booth.Events website, and open its gallery using the gallery link near the top
  • Verify in the top-right you see "Sign out" - this means you are logged in to Shared.Gallery. If you are not: on the Booth.Events website go to your dashboard, click "Sign in to Shared.Gallery" in the right sidebar (or dropdown if on a tablet/mobile device), and wait until you see that you are logged into Shared.Gallery

If you have the super passcode for the event

The super passcode, if set, allows deletion of photos/videos of a session. Open the gallery and when prompted on first load, enter the super passcode.

Use the delete links

Once you're logged in or using the super passcode while viewing the gallery, you'll see delete links next to each session of photos/videos, like this:

What's a guest session?

When guests take photos/videos on the iPad and these get uploaded to Shared.Gallery, a session is created on Shared.Gallery. If the guests choose to enter their contact information in the iPad app, this information is added to the session. You can see the sessions when you're looking at the event on Booth.Events:

You can use the "..." on the right side of the session to view the photos, share a link to the photos, or delete the photos of the session.

Delete the session from Booth.Events

  • Click the "..." on the right side of the session, and then click "Delete photos". This permanently deletes the guest data (ie. email address or phone number) and all of the photos of the session. If you need to, make a copy of the guest data or photos before you delete the session.

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