What is Shared.Gallery? How is it related to Booth.Events?

Booth.Events is the web app where you:

  • Create & manage events, templates, and attract screens
  • Retrieve guest data
  • Manage your account: your name, password, plan, and iOS devices
  • Change communication settings: customize how outgoing e-mail and SMS appear

Shared.Gallery is the web app where your guests:

  • View & download photos/videos
  • Share links to their friends

Your account on Booth.Events works on Shared.Gallery (you don't need a separate account). Your Booth.Events plan includes usage of Shared.Gallery.

To get signed in on Shared.Gallery

When you're signed in on Shared.Gallery, you'll see additional information in the gallery view including session numbers and the time the session was created. You'll see "Sign Out" at the top-right of the gallery if you are signed in.

If you're not signed in to Shared.Gallery, sign in by using the "Sign in to Shared.Gallery" action on the right of your Account page or the Dashboard on Booth.Events. You only need to do this once per browser.

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