What are the requirements for using Booth.Events / Shared.Gallery?


To use the Booth.Events web app, you need a modern browser such as Safari on iOS 10.1 or newer, or the newest version of Chrome. We recommend using Chrome on a computer if you are able to.

To view photos on Shared.Gallery you need a browser such as Safari on iOS 9.3 or newer.


To run the iOS app on your iPad or iPhone, you need iOS 12 or newer.

To connect the iOS app to an external Canon DSLR camera, your iPad must be running iOS 14.2 or newer. For Nikon or Sony you need iOS 15.1 or newer. We recommend iOS 16 or newer.

iPad hardware

We recommend an iPad with Face ID, because these iPads support our template "scenes" feature (which replaces the background behind the guest when the photo is taken). 

There is no Android or Windows app available at this time, and no plans to make one.

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