Apply your branding to your galleries & iPad app

Gallery Branding

We've made a video to walk you through customizing your online gallery.

To customize how your gallery looks on Shared.Gallery & the iPad App, you edit the event on Booth.Events:

  1. Open the event on Booth.Events, and hit the "Edit Event" button on the right (use the action arrow at the top-right if you're on a smaller screen device)
  2. Go to the "Branding" tab

On the Edit Event -> Branding page you can change the following items:

  • Event Brand image. Below you can see the event brand image in the Shared.Gallery gallery, on the right side of the photo. You can also change the image at the top left: that's your user profile image, which you change by editing your profile (click your account at the top-right on Booth.Events)

  • Colors. You can see what each color changes in the description on the right: these affect both the Shared.Gallery gallery and the iPad App.

  • Event Hashtag. This is shown in the iPad App during capture (when guests are taking photos). There are currently no limitations to what kind of content can go in this field, but we expect this to be a hashtag.
  • Capture Messaging. This is shown in the iPad App during capture (when guests are taking photos)

When you save your changes they take effect immediately on the gallery of this event on Shared.Gallery, and on the iPad App as well (as long as you're not already in the guest experience taking photos).

Using Custom HTML to customize your Gallery and Session pages

This video shows you how you can use your own HTML to customize your pages:

Advanced iPad Customization

You can completely change the appearance of the iPad app's capture screen (the screen the guest experience starts on), as well as changing the background of the screens after the capture screen.

To do this, edit your event with the " Edit Event" button and go to the Branding tab. You'll see the following two options:

Use an Attract Screen as background

By default the background of the iPad home screen is the live view feed from your camera. You can choose an Attract Screen for the home screen background. This can be the same as the Attract Screen the event is using for the screensaver, or a different one. 

If you choose an Attract Screen for the home screen background then your Attract Screen can have a video playing, image elements, and/or live view too, blended with the alpha (opacity) you choose.

Change the capture buttons

By default the iPad App shows the capture buttons (photo, slow-mo, boomerang) in a white container. If you want to change the appearance of the buttons, you can upload your own images; when you do this, the white container is not shown. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Use PNGs to get transparency
  • The dimensions of the images determines the button size: make sure your images all have the same height
  • We recommend a height of 200 pixels
  • If your buttons are too wide, they'll scroll left/right
  • Changes take effect immediately upon setting the image and are immediately synchronized & updated in the iPad App, so don't change these while an event is live if you don't want the button appearance to change in the middle of the event

Change the background of the screens after the capture screen

By default, after the capture screen the guests see a background that's blue with confetti. You can change this, here:

You should choose a JPG or PNG image that is the same size as the iPad screen it'll be shown on, in the orientation you plan to use. For example on an iPad 9.7" in portrait orientation you'd want to upload an image that is 768 x 1024 pixels. 

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