Countdown Timer & Event Capture Settings

When you open an event on the iOS app (on your iPad or iPhone), capture settings is the middle tab.

Event Capture Settings in the iOS app
Event Capture Settings in iOS app

Capture Types (not shown in photo - above what is shown)

  • Photos. Turn this on to allow guests to take photos. The number of photos taken and the way they appear is determined by the template of the event.
  • Slow-mo. Turn this on to allow guests to make slow-motion videos of themselves. These are MP4 videos encoded with H.264, without audio.
  • Boomerang. Turn this on to allow guests to make a short boomerang MP4 video of themselves.
  • GIF. Turn this on to allow guests to take a rapid series of photos that is created as an MP4 video.
  • Video + sound. Turn this on to allow guests to record videos with sound.

Capture Setup

  • Countdown Timer. This timer determines how long guests have before the video, slow-mo, boomerang, or the first photo is taken.
  • App Sounds. If you don't want the app to play sound, turn this off
  • Portrait Mode. Adds a portrait-like effect to video & photos. While portrait mode is on you cannot make slow-mos. Requires iOS 15 or newer and an iPad/iPhone with Face ID. Warning: this can make your device very hot, so make sure your device is well ventilated. If your phone/iPad overheats, turn this feature off.
  • Convert photos to Black & White. Choose from three black and white presets.
  • Make a MP4/GIF from photos. When taking more than 2 photos, the app will also create an MP4 of the photos put together like a GIF.
  • GIF - Number of photos. When making a GIF, controls how many photos are taken.
  • GIF - playback speed. Changes how fast the GIF playback speed is.
  • GIF - apply boomerang effect. Adds a boomerang effect during GIF creation.
  • Slow-mo: Record time. Controls how long the slow-mo is recorded for. The duration of the actual MP4 will be much longer.
  • Slow-mo: apply boomerang effect. When turned on the slow-mo video will have a boomerang effect applied to it
  • Video: Max recording time. This controls how long guests are allowed to record videos with sound. If your guests take too long, make it shorter.
  • Attract screen delay. How long until the app shows the attract screen when no touches on the screen are detected and no faces are seen by the device camera.
  • Idle timeout (no touch & no face). If a guest starts taking photos and then leaves meaning that the app is left halfway through a session, how long until the app aborts this session and goes back to the home screen. Note that a touch on the screen or a face seen by the device camera resets this timer.

Advanced Capture Settings: we do not recommend changing these settings unless you are directed to by our support team.

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