How to use Green Screen with Booth.Events: SceneSelect

To use green screen, which we call SceneSelect, you need an iPad or iPhone with FaceID (these iPads have no home button on the front/screen). SceneSelect is not supported with connected external cameras.

To enable SceneSelect:

  1. Make sure your event is using a template that has scenes. Scenes are the backgrounds that guests can pick from. You can edit an existing template to add scenes -- see the related article below for how to do this -- or duplicate or create your own template and add your own scenes.
  2. On your iPad, open an event with scenes and make sure the front camera is selected (as mentioned above, must be a FaceID model of iPad)

Guests will be able to choose which scene they like after they have finished taking photos.

If you want to force guests to pick a background, ie. you don't want them to be able to pick no background: edit the template, go to scenes tab (top bar), and on the left look for a switch labelled "Force guests to use one of these scenes".

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