How to set up Stickers and upload your own

Guests can add stickers to their photos if the event has a sticker set assigned to it.

To assign a sticker set to an event, go to the Event Overview page, and in the Sticker Set box hit the "Choose" button. 

If you are on the Starter plan (free) you'll be able to choose between having no stickers, or using the default stickers.

If you are a subscriber you'll be able to create your own sticker sets from ZIP files that you upload. We recommend each sticker is between 512 and 1024 pixels on each side, and you must use transparent PNGs.

When a sticker set is assigned to the event, after taking photos and choosing the template & scene (if applicable), guests can touch to add stickers. After adding stickers, guests can pinch to resize & rotate them, and drag them around with their fingers.

How to upload your own stickers

  1. On the website, go to the Sticker Sets page on the left
  2. Hit the Create New button, which might be in the top-right dropdown menu if you're on your iPad
  3. Choose the zip file that contains your stickers. See above: they need to be transparent PNGs
  4. Don't forget to assign your new sticker set to your event! You can open the sticker set and choose Assign to Event.

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