Changing the text / language of the app

Starting with version 1.4.0 you can change the text your guests see in the app. This allows you to change the app into your language or customize the app for your brand. This feature is only available on iPad - it is not available on iPhone.

You can find the Language button on the home screen:

In the screen that pops up, you see the original text on the left side, and the current text on the right side. You can edit the text on the right side:

You can use emoji and any other characters you can type with an iOS keyboard. After you make changes, Preview your event to see the changes and make sure they appear as you expect. If you use text that's too long, the text could get cut off, which could confuse your guests - so always proof your changes after you making them.

Dealing with Placeholders like %@

Some of the text has "placeholders", meaning words that will be filled in by the app. In this example, the iPad app converts this string to "Email will be sent to 485-123-4567":

The text %@ is converted to 485-123-4567. Another placeholder is %d, which will be replaced by a number.

When editing text that has a placeholder, your text MUST have the exact same placeholder(s) as the original text (on the left). 

For example, this is not correct:

... because the placeholder %d on the left is not used on the right. This text won't be saved or used.

This is correct:

It's also ok to surround the placeholder by other characters, like "Making %d!"

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