Why can't guests download the gallery ZIP file?

ZIP downloads are turned off for anonymous guests by default to protect the privacy of your guests, but it's easy to turn on for everyone!

By default, only the account owner of the gallery & guests with the super passcode are able to download the ZIP of the entire gallery.

If you're the account owner, make sure you are signed into Shared.Gallery: on the Booth.Events dashboard, select "Sign in to Shared.Gallery" from the sidebar (dropdown on mobile), then visit your gallery.

If you want all guests (when no gallery passcode is set) or guests with the regular passcode (when a passcode is set) to be able to download the ZIP file, follow these steps:

  1. On Booth.Events website open the event, and hit the Edit Event button.
  2. On the first / Details page, scroll down to find the setting "Only you & guests with the super passcode can download the gallery ZIP", turn this off, and hit Save Changes.

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