Run a Slideshow on your Smart TV or Tablet

You can run a slideshow of your gallery on your Smart TV or tablet by using the gallery's slideshow functionality. As new photos/videos are uploaded to your gallery they will automatically be added to the slideshow. With each photo/video shown on the screen a QR code is also shown, so that a guest who sees their photo/video can download it easily.

How to start the Slideshow

1. Open the web-browser on your Smart TV or tablet, and navigate to your gallery's URL. You can find the gallery URL by opening the event on the website and hitting Edit Event, as shown in this photo:

It can be annoying to type a long URL on your Smart TV's remote control. You can use a link shortener like Bitly. Scroll down to "Shorten your link", enter your gallery URL, and hit "Shorten". This will result in a much shorter URL you can easily type into your Smart TV.

2. On the gallery page, hit the Slideshow button as shown in this photo:

3. Choose your slideshow options in the popup. New photos/videos that are uploaded after the slideshow is started will be added to the slideshow.

If your gallery is primarily slow-mos or videos and have a slower internet connection, you probably want to increase the delay from 5 seconds to 10 or more: the time required to download the video is included in this delay. If you experience videos not being shown properly or being cut off quickly after they start, please increase the delay.

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