How do licenses work? How many iPads or iPhones can I use? Share Station?

The Basic plan allows only one device license: either an iPhone or an iPad.

The Free and Pro plans allows unlimited iPhones and only one iPad. Event credits are at the Pro level, so if you're not a subscriber you're included here too.

The Pro+ plan allows unlimited iPhones and four iPads; you can add more iPads for an additional cost.

Please see the Billing page for more information about available plans.

Note that these limits refer to the number of iPhone/iPads you can use at the same time. If you have several iPads but you only ever use one at a time - for example because you only have 1 booth but you have other iPads that you test your setup with, then you only need 1 iPad license.

When a device doesn't have a license, it cannot upload anything or launch events. You'll be prompted in the iOS app if you have an unlicensed device that is unable to automatically assign itself an available license.

You can see which devices are licensed on the devices page, and you can remove devices from the list in order to unlicense them.

Do I need a different license for Share Station?

Share Station does not have a separate/different license. Simple is good!

What happens if I remove a device's license? What does "Activate this Device" do?

The iOS app automatically checks its license when it starts, and when uploading a photo/video. If the iPad determines it is not licensed it will automatically license itself if there is a license available; otherwise it will  prompt you with the choice to "Activate this Device" which will unlicense all other devices in order to continue. If you unlicense a device it does not lose any data, but it will not be able to take photos/videos or upload queued items until it is licensed.

We reserve the right to limit how often a license can be removed from a given iOS device.

How do I get more iPads? How do I buy more licenses?

If you need more than 1 iPad then you need to subscribe to the Pro+ plan. You can change your plan on the Billing page.

If you need more than 4 iPads then please contact us by hitting the '?' on the website and then "Ask", and let us know how many iPads you need. We also have a price calculator on the Billing page to help you understand what the cost will be.

We have plans that suit any number of iPads as well as Enterprise plans for special business models.

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