Update your DNP WCM2 to v3

Install the free WCM2 v3 software update

In mid-2023 DNP released a free update for the WCM2 unit, which updates its firmware version to v3.

To install this update please follow these instructions from DNP: https://dnpphoto.com/Portals/0/Resources/WCM2_v3_release_notes_20230511.pdf

You should scroll down to the section marked "How to upgrade your WCM2 or WCM-1 to WCM software v3.0"

Note: you'll need to make sure the micro-SD card installed in your WCM unit is at least 32GB or larger. Some units shipped with a 32GB card, so power the unit off, pop the micro-SD card out and check what size it is.

This update greatly improves the ability to connect your iPad, printer, & internet all together at once, and is required for wired networking/printing via Ethernet. We highly recommend installing this update.

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