Using a Webhook to integrate with services like IFTTT or Zapier

Booth.Events supports using a webhook to integrate with third-party services like If-this-then-that (IFTTT), Zapier, or any other service that can receive a webhook call.

Webhooks are advanced functionality. We only recommend using this feature if you would describe yourself as technically skilled & very comfortable with technology. We do not offer support for setting up integrations with third-party services via webhooks.

See Also

We've created a separate help article that shows how to connect your Dropbox account to Booth.Events by using your webhook with IFTTT.


It works like this: each time any file is uploaded by the iOS app (like a photo or video), the system will make an outgoing webhook request to the URL you provide. More details below.

How to turn it on / off

To turn this feature on you need a Pro+ subscription. You can start a free 14-day trial today to get started.

To turn it on go to your Account page, and in the Sharing Settings section hit Open on the Webhook block:

Sharing Settings on the Account  Page
Sharing Settings on the Account page

In the popup, paste in the URL where you wish the webhook request to be made to.

Configuring the Webhook

The easiest way to test your webhook is to use a free service like - you can paste in your personal URL and then try taking a photo with the iOS app (you must launch the event, not preview).

To turn it off, open the Webhook block again, remove the URL so that it is blank, and Save Changes.

Technical Details

The webhook request is an HTTP POST request with a JSON body, with Content-Type set to application/json

Payload Values (JSON)

  • contentType (string) : image/jpeg or video/mp4
  • dataCollectionResponse (object) : if the data collection feature is turned on this contains the response of the user
  • eventId (string) : the ID of the event for this gallery
  • eventIdUser (string) : if you set a custom ID for this event then it will be present here, otherwise null
  • galleryDate (string of ISO 8601 date format) : the date set on the event of the gallery
  • galleryId (string) : the unique gallery ID
  • galleryName & value3 (string) : The gallery name
  • galleryPageUrl (string) : The URL of your gallery page on Shared.Gallery
  • gallerySlug (string) : The gallery slug, originally derived from the gallery name
  • height (number) : pixel height
  • isCollage (boolean) : true if this is generated from a template
  • kBytes: (number) : size in kilobytes of file
  • kBytesThumb: (number) : size in kilobytes of thumbnail of file
  • mediaPageUrl (string) : the URL of the Shared.Gallery media page for this file
  • sessionPageUrl (string) : the URL of the Shared.Gallery page for the session this file is in
  • shutterDate & value2 (string, ISO 8601 date format) : the date and time the photo/video was taken
  • url & value1 (string) : the publicly accessible URL to download the file
  • urlThumb (string) : the publicly accessible URL to download the thumbnail of file
  • width (number) : pixel width

Payload Example (JSON)

  "contentType": "image/jpeg",
  "isCollage": false,
  "width": 3024,
  "height": 4032,
  "kBytes": 3696,
  "kBytesThumb": 18,
  "url": "",
  "urlThumb": "",
  "eventId": "zYrJegcdonasZm9zp131",
  "eventIdUser": null,
  "shutterDate": "2024-03-24T15:53:48-04:00",
  "galleryId": "VFRGsI39SnCH6NKUBOmd",
  "galleryName": "My Event Name",
  "gallerySlug": "my-event-name",
  "galleryDate": "2024-03-09T22:30:47.000Z",
  "galleryPageUrl": "",
  "mediaPageUrl": "",
  "sessionPageUrl": "",
  "value1": "",
  "value2": "2024-03-24T15:53:48-04:00",
  "value3": "My Event Name"

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