How to get started with Booth.Events

Whether you're brand new to photo booths, or you're a veteran with a 100-iPad booth rental business, Booth.Events has a great way for you to try it all out before you pay.

Here's the order we suggest:

  1. Create and use your 3 free events
  2. Start a free membership trial
  3. Become a subscriber

Let's break these down...

1. Create and use your 3 free events

Sign up and download the iOS app first! Once you've signed up you can create three free events without entering your credit card / payment information.

These 3 free events are perfect for trying out all of the features you need to do a real event. We suggest using these events at home to play with the app, in order to get a feel for the app and figure out what questions you need help with.

As these free events have a 100-photo limit they're not great for real events, so we suggest using them to get used to the app first. They also have a short gallery expiry time of just a week. You can read more about the limits of free events here.

2. Start your free membership trial

Pick the right plan for you on the Billing page (or look at the Pricing page) by comparing the features and deciding which ones you need. Start your membership subscription trial by choosing monthly (most plans) or annual (Pro+ only). Please read more about our plans here.

Once your trial has started you have full access to that plan level, with unlimited events that don't expire for a long time.

Now's the perfect time to do your first real event with Booth.Events, before you pay any money! Collect feedback from your event, figure out what you want to improve for the next event, and access our YouTube channel to get help & inspiration from our videos.

3. Become a subscriber

After your trial ends your card will be charged.

You can easily cancel your trial up until 24 hours before the first payment. Please note that it gets canceled immediately and you only get one trial. To cancel your trial or your subscription just click "Cancel" on the Billing page. You can find more details here.

You can easily change your plan to a different level at any time: during your trial or afterwards. Just click to buy the level you want, and the system will tell you what is going to happen - you'll have a chance to confirm everything before you pull the trigger.

You can add more iPads by clicking the '?' and then "Ask Us", we'll be happy to help.


Don't forget these resources as your photo boothing journey progresses:

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