Sharing from your browser: How to match a guest session with photos/videos

The Guest List on the Event

What's a guest session?

When guests take photos/videos on the iPad and these get uploaded to Shared.Gallery, a session is created on Shared.Gallery. If the guests choose to enter their contact information in the iPad app, this information is added to the session. 

You can see the sessions when you're looking at the event on Booth.Events. Scroll down the event page to see the guest list:

When you click on the three dots, you have the option to open the photos/videos, share the link via email or text, or delete the photos:

How can I match the Session number with what I see on the Gallery?

It is often easiest to scroll through the gallery to find the photo you want, and now you want to share it via email or text. Here's how you do that.

Before you start

Make sure you're signed in on Shared.Gallery: you'll see "Sign Out" at the top-right of the gallery if you are signed in. Here's what it looks like when you are signed in:

If you're not signed in to Shared.Gallery, sign in by using the "Sign in to Shared.Gallery" action on the right of your Account page or the Dashboard on Booth.Events. You only need to do this once.

Matching the photos to the session

When you open the gallery after being signed in to Shared.Gallery, you'll see that the session numbers are shown in the gallery, and you also have the option to delete directly from the gallery:

You can match the session number you see on Shared.Gallery with what's shown on Booth.Events, in order to decide which session you want to share/delete etc.

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