Customize emails and texts sent by the system

You can change the content of emails & texts sent by the system when a guest enters their email address or phone number. This is done on the Account page on Booth.Events:

  1. Click your profile photo at the top-right of the screen (or, click "My Account" on the left)
  2. In Sharing Settings, click Edit for either Email or Texts


Each settings screen shows a list of applicable placeholders you can use. We'll fill these in for you with the appropriate values. For example, if you set a value to:

Your photos from {{galleryName}}

... and this email is being sent from the event "Abi's Birthday", then we'll write this in the email:

Your photos from Abi's Birthday

Text Settings

We send text messages as SMS so these are text only. You can customize the content of the SMS, and we'll append the link and passcode to the end. There's not a lot of space in an SMS so keep it as brief as possible, and watch out for using words that trip spam filters: many carriers including North American & Scandinavian carriers are filtering out messages that look anything like spam. Keep it at the default if you're not sure, as we register our default SMS message templates with carriers all around the world to prevent filtering.

Email Settings

We recommend sending yourself a test email whenever you make changes. Hit the "Send Test" button to do this. You do not have to hit "Save Changes" before you send a test email (you can test without saving).

You can change the sender name so that emails appear to come from your company: we recommend using your company name here, and keeping the event-specific details in the subject of the email by using the {{galleryName}} placeholder.

You can change the subject, the first & second lines of text at the top of the email, and the bottom line of text. There's no bottom line of text by default. Speaking of defaults, hit "Reset to Defaults" to get back to the start.

(1) The event image. We'll show the yellow icon shown here if you did not set an image for this event.

(2) Top, first line (grey text)

(3) Top, second line (black text)

(4) The passcode. We'll add this for you automatically if there's a passcode, and hide it otherwise

(5) Bottom line of text

(6) Your user profile image. To change this, edit your profile from the account page

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