Canon camera's flash not firing

Once your Canon is connected to the iPad App, it will behave differently because Canon cameras act differently when they detect they are tethered, and because liveview is active and your camera's supported functionalities are different when liveview is active. One of the most common problems is that the Canon camera's flash will not fire when photos are taken.

Canon Cameras: mid-to-high end (60D, 70D, 80D, 7D, 5D or better)

To fix the connected flash not firing (including wireless flash transmitters): 

  • On older cameras like 40/50/60D you need to enable the camera setting “exposure simulation”
  • On modern cameras like the 80D, 7D or other mid/high-end Canon cameras you need to disable a setting on your camera called “Silent LV shoot.”. Here’s a photo of the setting you need to change. If you cannot find it, please consult your Canon manual to learn how to disable silent live-view shooting (there is mode1, mode2, and disable; you want “disable”).

Canon Cameras: REBEL series liveview note

If you have a REBEL series Canon camera including the 750D and 760D (aka T6i, T6s), these cameras do not support third-party flash (ie. anything not made by Canon) while liveview is on. Either you must use a Canon flash that can communicate its presence to the camera body, or you must have adequate constant (always-on) lighting such as LED. Note that these cameras do not support having a different exposure setting for the liveview and for the photo.

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