Can I change my photo layout?

Yes! You can create your own layouts for your photos with templates. When the iPad finishes taking photos it puts them into the template and uploads it to your event's gallery. The template governs how many photos the iPad will take.

When a guest creates a slow-mo or boomerang, it'll be put into the first template assigned to the event which has exactly one photo area. If you don't want your slow-mos or boomerangs put into a template, then don't assign a template with 1 photo area to your event.

We've created some templates you can use - or you can create your own. You can duplicate templates and then play around with them, or upload ZIP files of templates you've bought from your favorite designer.

The most important thing to think about is what size the template should be: are you going to be doing prints? If yes you'll want to choose a template size that matches your printer paper. Does your printer cut strips? Then you'd want to make sure you create a template that's symmetric!

The easiest way to start is to duplicate one of the public templates, and then mess around in the template editor. The template editor is shown below, and we've written a separate article on how to use it.

Template Editor with some Intergalactic Unicorns

The key things to note when you are creating/editing a template are:

  • Photo Areas represent where the iPad will put the photos
  • The number in the photo area represents which photo will go there. You control this number by changing the Order of the photo area in the left sidebar. You can use the same photo in the template multiple times, by having multiple photo areas with the same Order number.
  • You upload images for the background(s), overlay(s) and so on. At the moment you also need to upload images for text too. It's easiest if you create an image that's the same size as your template.

For more details on the editor please see the related article linked above.

When you create a new template, you need to pick the size:

We've created some default sizes for you like 4x6, but you can also just type in the pixel values you want to use. If you're uploading a ZIP file of a template, we'll use the first image we find inside to determine the width & height, and set it for you.

Lastly don't forget to assign your template to your event! A template by itself doesn't do anything, you need to edit your event and pick the template.

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