Offline: what works without internet connection?

Booth.Events works when you're offline without internet connection, or when the internet connection comes and goes (ie. you're at the edge of cellular range).

When you're offline, everything will function as normal except QR codes - these require internet connectivity.

How can I tell if I'm offline?

 When you launch an event you will see a warning if you are offline.

What happens to uploads & shares while offline?

When you're offline, uploads and shares (emails, texts etc) will be queued in the app. As soon as the app detects that internet access is available, it will start uploading everything from the queue.

Do I need to do something to get uploads going?

No, just leave the app open. Make sure the app stays in the foreground so that all uploads can complete. The app will not upload when it is in the background.

Where can I find waiting uploads?

If you go to the home screen (start screen - exit your event if it is launched) you will see the Uploads & Shares section as shown in the screenshot here.

How can I pause or remove waiting uploads?

To pause uploads, hit the pause button visible in the screenshot above. Hit it again to resume uploads when paused.

To remove all uploads, long-press the pause button for several seconds. Warning: this is a permanent action that cannot be undone - these uploads & shares will be permanently deleted and will not be available on your dashboard.

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