How can I go back and print or share older photos/videos?

If your guests have hit the "Done" button after taking photos/videos, or you're on a web-browser and not at the event location, you can still share links to the photos/videos via email & text.

Option 1: using the iPad app without leaving the event

You can easily re-share photos or videos taken by the iPad app. This is the option you need to choose if you're looking to do reprints.

First, hold down two fingers on the screen to show the in-event menu:

Touch "Sharing & Printing from Camera Roll" to show the iOS media picker:

Choose the photo/video you want to share. 

If what you choose wasn't taken by the app, you'll get a standard iOS share-sheet popup which lets you AirDrop or print the photo.
If what you choose was taken by the app, you'll get the actions screen:

From this screen you can choose to use any of your configured actions like text, email, print etc.

Option 2: from the web

Open the event in your browser from our website, then please see this help article for how to send a text or email to the photos.

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