Galleries: expiration and limits

Each event you create has a corresponding Gallery created on Shared.Gallery, which is where the photos & videos are shown. You don't need to create or delete galleries: this happens automatically when you create or delete events. Your Booth.Events account gives you access to Shared.Gallery: you don't need a separate account for Shared.Gallery.

As shown on the event page, Galleries expire after some amount of time:

The event page showing gallery expiry date

Galleries have unlimited storage. There's no limit to how many uploads or how much storage space a gallery uses. We show you this so you know how big your ZIP download is going to be. 

  • Please note that if this is a free event then you have limits that you'll see shown on your event page such as a maximum of 100 photos. To remove the limits please purchase a plan.

Photos & videos from galleries are permanently deleted when the gallery expires. If you haven't downloaded the ZIP of all of the photos & videos by the time the gallery is going to expire, we'll send you an email with a download link every day starting 4 days before the gallery expiration date. Once you've downloaded the ZIP file, we'll stop nagging you. We really don't want you to lose any photos or videos!

After expiration photos & videos are no longer available. If guests visit an expired gallery they'll see a notice that the gallery has expired and an option to contact you, so that you can send them a copy of their photos. Although galleries expire, events do not: you don't need to make a copy of guest data (stored on the event) before the gallery expires; this will remain available beyond expiry.

Expiry lengths depend on your plan, and when you start uploading photos & videos. Each gallery you create will have a minimum number of days until it expires based on your plan (for example: 1 year for the Pro plan). If you need more time, please purchase a plan that suits your needs, or contact us if you're not finding what you need.

However, we don't want to make it difficult to plan ahead: if you create an event (and therefore also a gallery) a long time before the event will take place, we don't want the photos expiring soon after the event takes place. For this reason, we won't set the expiry date of a gallery until you've uploaded the first photo or video to it. If you want to try out the iPad and make sure settings are working without causing the expiry date of a gallery to be set, use the Preview functionality on the iPad as this does not upload photos.

We know that some events run multiple days, so we'll also automatically extend the expiry date if more photos/videos get uploaded to a gallery. This only works for a few days, so don't reuse the same event for different events.

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