Getting Started: Create your first event

Get started by creating your first event on our website,

In this first video we cover the basics at high-level to get you started:

In this second video we walk through creating an event, launching it on the iPad app, the iPad app guest experience, seeing the guest data on the event, and downloading the guest data from the event:

Events are what you invite people to, like a birthday or bar mitzvah. 

Each event has:

  • 1 Gallery hosted on Shared.Gallery - galleries are where the photos & videos are stored
  • At least one Template - templates control how many photos the iPad takes, how it puts them together, and has 'Scenes' which are used for green-screen
  • 1 Attract Screen - attract screens are screensavers for the iPad which show when it doesn't detect a face for a while

Events are where guest information is stored. For example, if a guest enters their email address on the iPad, their email address is stored on the event. You can also write notes on an event and view/edit them on the iPad.

To create an event:

  1. On the website, in the navigation bar on the left click Events:

  2. In the sidebar on the right, click Create New. If you can't see "Create New", click the action arrow at the top right to expose the "Create New" button.
  3. In the following dialog, choose an event name and date. You can change both of these later.

Editing an Event

When you edit an event you can change the following:

  • The name and date of the event. You can move an event from the past into the future, but if the event's gallery already has an expiration date it will not change, so it is better to duplicate an existing event rather than reuse it.
  • Whether guests can view the entire gallery, or only their own photos
  • The gallery passcode
  • Event notes
  • The event brand photo and colors, which will be shown on Shared.Gallery (in the gallery and guest sessions)
  • The event hashtag and capture messaging, which will be shown on the iPad when guests are taking their photos
  • Consent options, which affects what the iPad shows to guests to obtain their consent

Events do not expire

Although the Gallery of an event will expire, the event itself will not expire. This means your guest data will be around for as long as you need it.

Starter plan limits

The Starter plan has limits. To learn more about them, please see the related articles.

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