Is Booth.Events free? What are the limits of the Starter plan?

Booth.Events & Shared.Gallery are free to use on the Starter plan, which includes a total of 3 free limited events. 

Each limited event includes:

  • Galleries stored for 3 days, then they expire and are deleted
  • Each gallery can contain at most 100 photos/videos
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Limited SMS: you can only send to certain countries (continental North America is included). If you want to check if your country is included before you make a purchase, please contact us with the '?' button. We may change which countries at any time, and we may introduce further limits to the total number of SMS that can be sent by limited events.
  • 1 active iPad
  • Online support

To get more than 3 days or more than 100 photos/videos, please read more about our purchase options here. Please note that expired galleries are permanently deleted and cannot be restored.

An "active iPad" refers to the number of iPads that are licensed to your account at the same time. It's easy to switch the license from one iPad to another: just start the app on the new iPad and sign in, and the app will prompt you to activate. iPhones do not use a license.

Please note that the content of the free Starter plan may change at any time. If we do make changes, they will not apply to events or galleries that you have already created before the change is made.

To upgrade your plan & get unlimited events, go to the Billing page on the Dashboard.

What happens if we hit the limit of the free / Starter plan?

Before you hit the limit you'll see clear warnings in the app and we'll also email you.

If you hit the limit during an event:

  • The app keeps working: you can keep taking photos/videos. You can also print & use AirDrop. You'll see the occasional warning that you've hit the limit.
  • No more photos or videos will be uploaded to the gallery. This means no more emails or texts will be sent. Photos & videos will continue being saved to the Camera Roll (they are not lost or deleted).
  • Photos, videos, emails, and texts will queue as uploads in the app. If you later purchase the event (or a subscription), go back to the app and leave it open to let all the uploads process. You can see uploads on the iPad app's home screen.

For more information please see:

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