Kiosk Mode

You can use Kiosk Mode to lock the Booth.Events app into an event so that no one can change / exit the event using the iPad.

Kiosk Mode allows you to remotely launch events on any of your iPads from the web, and you don't need the iPad nearby to enable this feature.

In this video we'll walk through turning on Kiosk Mode for an iPad, and show how it behaves both when the iPad is online and offline. We'll cover switching an event, and discuss how you can change iPad-only settings like the countdown timer for iPads that are remote (being used as a kiosk).

Kiosk Mode means the iPad cannot launch or exit events

Once an iPad is in Kiosk Mode, it cannot launch events and it isn't possible to exit the current event.

If you're looking for a way to stop guests from leaving the event but you also want to be able to launch & exit events on the iPad yourself, then don't use Kiosk Mode - set a passcode on the iPad app instead.

Enable Kiosk Mode on the Devices & Uploads Page

To enable Kiosk mode, open the Devices & Uploads page, then click "Enable kiosk mode" next to the iPad:

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