Prevent guests from exiting the event by setting a passcode

You can prevent guests from exiting the launched event on the iPad by setting a passcode.

The passcode that you set applies to all of your events on all of your iPads - you only have to set it once.

How to set or remove the passcode

To set or remove the passcode, open the app on your iPad / iPhone, pick any event, go to the first page of event settings, and scroll to the bottom to find "Custom passcode to exit events" and hit "touch here to set":

Event Settings on the iPad

How to find out what the passcode is

On the iPad you cannot see what the current passcode is (it'll only show the first letter), but on the web you can see the current passcode on the Devices & Uploads page:

The passcode is shown on the Devices & Uploads page

What happens when there is a passcode set

Once a passcode is set, exiting any event on the iPad (even from preview mode or Share Station) requires the passcode to be entered:

The iPad asks for the passcode whenever you try to exit the event

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