Event Action Settings

When you open an event, capture settings is the third tab.

Shared.Gallery. This setting controls whether photos & videos are uploaded to Shared.Gallery. If you turn this off, guests cannot share their photos/videos by email or text. In this section you can see the following:

  • View Gallery. This will open the gallery in a browser window. It's a quick way to see what has been uploaded so far.
  • Media stored. This shows how many photos/videos have been uploaded & processed on the gallery.
  • Storage used. This helps you understand how big the ZIP file will be when you download it.
  • Expires on. This is the expiry date of the gallery, when photos/videos are deleted. See the related article, "Galleries: expiration and limits".
  • Passcode. If you've configured a passcode then you'll see it here
  • Email (switch). If you want guests to be able to email their photos/videos to themselves, turn this on.
  • Text (switch). If you want guests to be able to send SMS with links to their photos/videos, turn this on.

Other Actions

  • Print. If you have added a printer to the app, turn this on to allow guests to print. Note that if this is turned off, guests won't be allowed to print even if a printer is connected.
  • Auto-print. Turn this on and then use the slider below if you want the iPad to automatically print every photo that is taken.

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