Camera-driven / Remote tethered shooting

Not everyone has the same photo booth setup - some people prefer having an assistant or a photographer doing the actual shooting. In a setup like that you don't want to use the app to start the countdown to take the photo; instead you want to just shoot with the camera directly.

Another setup is the Roamer photo booth setup, where you walk around the event with a handheld setup consisting of the camera and an iPhone connected to the camera via USB.

In Booth.Events we've enabled these workflows. This enables you to take the photo right on the camera, or use a bluetooth trigger or other shutter trigger that your camera supports.

You need version 1.24.0 of the app or newer to use this feature. You can update in the App Store.

It works for videos too: you can take a video directly on the camera and it'll show in the app. Note that the app doesn't support video on all cameras - if the app can't take video with your camera using the normal method, then this won't work either.

Check out this video demonstrating it in action!

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