Share Station: using multiple devices at one event

You can use multiple iOS devices at once with Share Station. This is perfect for 360 spinner booths.

Share Station allows you to run the app in one of two ways:

  • as the camera: this device will be the one taking the photos & making the videos. You can use either an iPhone or an iPad as the camera.
  • as the share station: this iPad will be used to select the photos & videos for texting, emailing, printing, or using the QR code to get the link. Only an iPad can be a share station.

Recommended Setup

We recommend you use an iPhone for the camera and one or more iPads for the share station. There's no limit to how many iPads you can have at the same event (as long as they are licensed).

Share Station requires iOS 15.2 or newer.

Active iPad Licenses

Each plan contains a number of Active iPad licenses. It's important to note that each iPad needs a license even if they are at the same event, and that iPhones never need a license

So if you have the free Starter plan, you can still use Share Station if you use an iPhone as the camera.

Templates: Only One

Normally you can assign multiple templates to an event and guests can choose which they like. With Share Station mode enabled, only the first template will be used. When you start the Share Station you are shown a preview of which template is going to be used.

How to Start Share Station

Follow these steps on the iPad app:

  1. If your Share Station will print, first make sure that the Share Station device is connected to the printer. You can read how to connect a printer here.
  2. Choose an Event and hit "Launch". In the popup pane, move the slider to "Share Station" as shown in the red callout here:

share station launch

2. Hit the Open Share Station button

3. Choose whether the device you're on is going to be the camera or the share station. It doesn't matter which order you start the devices in.

Using the Share Station

Once Share Station has been opened, you can exit from it the same way as you can exit the event: hold down two fingers on the screen for a few seconds.

Guests can scan the QR code to open the most recent session on their phone.  Note that if your gallery has a passcode set the QR code includes the passcode.

This view automatically loads in new photos & videos as soon as they are available - there's no "refresh" button because this happens automatically, as soon as new uploads complete. This isn't a dumb timer: the server pushes the event to the iPad so there's no wait time.

Guests can touch a thumbnail to open the photo/video, and then swipe left & right to see other photos/videos in the session:

Once the guest hits the Pick this one button, they can perform any actions on it that you have configured in the event:

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