Edit Event Details: Gallery passcode & privacy settings

To change gallery privacy & passcode options, edit the event on Booth.Events:

  1. Open the event on Booth.Events, and hit the "Edit Event" button on the right (use the action arrow at the top-right if you're on a smaller screen device)
  2. Go to the first / "Details" page

On the  Edit Event -> Details page you can change the following items:

  • The event name, which is shown in the iPad App and on Shared.Gallery
  • The event date. Don't re-use the same event for multiple events, as this risks the gallery expiring before you expect. Instead, duplicate the event from the Event Overview page.
  • Event notes. These appear on the iPad (and can be edited on the iPad also).
  • The Shared.Gallery link to the gallery where the photos & videos live, and how long until the gallery expires. When a gallery expires, the photos & videos are deleted. Learn more about gallery expiration.
  • Whether guests can view the entire gallery. When you turn this off it means that guests' links to their own sessions (their photos) will still work, but they won't be able to view the entire gallery (other peoples' photos) at all. This is useful for events where the guests do not know each other. Note that even with a passcode guests still will not be able to see the main gallery when this option is turned on - the gallery will display the message "This gallery is private"
  • The gallery passcode. If you set a passcode, guests will need to enter this passcode in order to see the gallery's photos or videos
    • By default, following a direct link to their session will not ask for the passcode. If you want the passcode required for individual sessions, turn on the setting "Also require passcode for individual sessions"
    • By default the passcode is included in emails and texts sent by the system. If you don't want it to be included, turn off the setting "Include the passcode in emails to guests".
  • The gallery super passcode. If you set a super passcode, guests can use this to access the gallery instead of the regular passcode. Anyone using a super passcode can delete any sessions including photos/videos that are not their own, so be careful who you give the super passcode to
    • To set a super passcode, you must first set a regular passcode also
    • The system never includes the super passcode in emails or texts - it's your job to tell the guests this passcode yourself. You could set the passcode and the super passcode to be the same, however this means everyone has access to delete anyone's photos
  • The Share Station HTML content. When an iPad is running Share Station, this allows you to display custom content at the top of the screen.

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