Purchasing a Subscription or Event Credit

There are two ways to unlock the full potential of your event:

  • Purchase an auto-renewing subscription
  • Purchase event credits and apply one to your event

Booth.Events offers a free trial subscription, which lets you use the subscription for free for 14 days before the first charge. Please note there's only one trial allowed.

Subscriptions purchased on Booth.Events renew automatically at the end of their term. You can cancel your subscription without penalty at any time, which means that your subscription will not renew and you will keep the benefit of your subscription until the end of the billing period. Per our Terms of Service all purchases are final and we will not issue refunds. With a subscription you have no limit to how many events you can create.

This video shows how to start your free trial subscription which allows you to try all of the features for free for 14 days:

If you do not wish to purchase a subscription that renews automatically then you can purchase event credits. After purchasing credits you can see how many credits you have on the Events page, and you'll still be on the Starter plan as you are not subscribed. 

How do event credits work?

This video shows the purchase of a pack of events, applying a credit to an existing event, and using a credit by creating a new event.

If you purchase a subscription you do not use event credits; this section only applies if you purchase event credits instead of a subscription.

Each time you create an Event, one event credit is automatically used. You can apply an event credit to an existing free event by opening the event on the website and hitting "Apply Credit" near the top.

Event credits do not expire, and you can purchase as many credits as you wish (ie. purchase the same pack twice). Again there are no refunds for any reason, including for unused credits.

I have an event already, how can I upgrade it?

You can either purchase a subscription and that will automatically unlock & upgrade all of your events, or, you can purchase an event credit and apply it to your event.

To apply an event credit to an event after purchasing it, open the event on the website and click the button "Apply Credit":

How can I tell if an event is upgraded / a paid event?

Open the event on the website, and look for this:

If you have applied a credit or created the event with a subscription, you'll see it is a Pro or Pro+ event.

How many iPads can I use? What's an "active iPad"? How do I get more iPads? What happens if I remove a device's license?

Please see our help article here.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please see our help article here.

Do I get money back when I cancel? What happens when I cancel?

Per our Terms of Service all purchases are final and we will not issue refunds. 

After you cancel you are still able to use the benefits of your subscription until the end of the subscription period, at which point the subscription will not renew and you will lose the benefits of your subscription.

What happens to my hosted photos / galleries & event data if I cancel or change my subscription?

If you cancel your subscription or move to a subscription with a shorter storage duration, then any events and their galleries that exist at this point in time will continue to be available with the same terms as before your subscription change, and will continue to count toward your event limit. In this case the limits of your new subscription (e.g. Starter plan) will be applied to new events and galleries that you create after the subscription change.

If you move to a subscription with a longer storage duration, then any events and their galleries that exist at this point in time will automatically inherit the longer storage duration. Please note that in rare cases this can take up to 2 hours to show on your events & galleries; contact us if you don't see the change applied after 2 hours.

Example: cancelling

If you are subscribed and you have 3 events/galleries currently set to expire in 2, 10, and 58 days respectively, and you cancel your subscription, then the following is true after you cancel:

  • You will be on the Starter plan
  • Your 3 events/galleries will still expire on the same dates even though the starter plan has only 3 days of storage
  • You'll be unable to create new events, because the Starter plan has a limit of 3 events, and you are currently at the limit with your 3 events

Example: upgrading

If you are on the Starter (free) plan with 2 events currently set to expire in 2 and 3 days respectively, and these events were created while you were on the Starter plan with a 3 day storage duration, and you purchase a subscription with a 62 day storage duration, then:

  • Each event/gallery will have its storage duration increased by the difference between the plans, which in this case is 59 days (62-3=59). This means that your two events will now expire in 61 and 62 days respectively
  • You can now create new events, which will also have the new subscription's storage duration applied

Guest data such as email addresses and phone numbers, and event settings such as branding & colors do not expire and are not affected by cancelling or changing your subscription.

Can I purchase a subscription when I have existing limited (free) events, or, to extend the expiry of my galleries?

Yes: if you move to a subscription with a longer storage duration than what you had before, it is automatically applied to your existing events & galleries within an hour of your purchase. Please see the previous answer for more details and an example.

Do you offer annual / yearly subscription options?

Yes, we offer a Pro+ annual subscription.

My credit card was declined, or I forgot to update my card on Booth.Events so my payment wasn't processed. What happens?

If a payment does not process correctly on your card, the system will automatically retry payment a few times before giving up. If you have a new card number, enter this new card number on Booth.Events account page to update your credit card information. If payment does process correctly, your subscription continues to be available for a few days while the system retries payment. If no payment can be processed, your subscription is cancelled and you will be back to the Starter plan. You can re-subscribe at any time. For more information on what happens to your existing events & galleries in this case, please see the answers above.

Is it safe to use my credit card on Booth.Events? Where is my credit card information stored?

All payment processing, including the storage of credit card information and related data such as your billing address is performed by Stripe. You can read more about how they protect your credit card on their website. We do not store your credit card number, expiry date, billing address, or CVC/code. We store:

  • The last 4 digits of the credit card number only, so that we can show you which card will be charged for your subscription
  • The data about the plan you purchased: the price, the payment interval, what it includes, and so on, so that we can give you what you paid for
  • Your IP address & IP location data at the time of purchase, for fraud-prevention purposes

You can learn more about what we record and store by reading our Privacy Policy.

Do you issue receipts for payments?

Our payment processor Stripe issues email receipts when a payment is processed. You can access your last receipt from the Billing page. If you're missing a receipt or need a receipt reissued, please contact us.

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