Connect a Printer

Booth.Events supports the following printers:

  • any printer that supports AirPrint
  • or, a printer connected to a print-server that supports AirPrint: the DNP WCM series, Aircast Pro series, etc
  • a DNP WPS unit with a connected printer

Don't have a printer yet, not sure what to buy? Check out Our Recommended Hardware.

Start by getting your printer & iPad connected together

You'll want to get your printer connected and have internet connectivity at the same time.

We wrote an article to make it easy! Read our Connecting your Printer, iPad, and internet all together article.

Where to find printer settings in the app

In the iPad app, open an event and go to the last page of settings to find the printer settings. You can see them in this screenshot:

Printing is OFF by default

By default printing is turned off, and in iOS-managed mode.

If you want printing at your event, turn on printing by toggling the "Print" switch you can see in the image above.

iOS-managed versus App-managed printing: how to turn off the iOS print popup window

There are two ways that the app can support printing:

  • iOS-managed: guests see a popup from iOS every time they choose to print. Works with 3rd-party software AirPrint solutions (see note below)
  • App-managed: when you add a printer to the app this mode is used. With app-managed printing guests do not see a popup every time they print.

When printing is in iOS-managed mode, your guests will see a popup from iOS every time they print:

In iOS-managed mode your guests will see a popup when they print

If you add a printer so that the app is in app-managed printing mode then your guests will not see an iOS popup. Instead they'll select their number of prints directly from the app:

In App-managed printing mode your guests choose the number of copies in the app, and there's no popup

To change from iOS-managed to App-managed, touch the "iOS-managed Printing" rectangle in the image above and add your printer, as shown in this image:

Adding a printer to switch to App-managed printing mode

To change from App-managed to iOS-managed, touch the same rectangle and remove the printer.

Are you using a software-based print server? Use iOS-managed mode

If what you are printing to isn't a real AirPrint-printer and isn't certified by Apple, such as software like Printopia or a raspberry Pi solution running CUPS/gutenberg, then app-managed printing is likely to fail on the second print - use the iOS-managed mode instead. Apple has stringent requirements for AirPrint and most of these software-based solutions do not work with printing without the iOS popup.

App-managed printing: How to Add a Printer

Please refer to the image above, "Adding a printer to switch to App-managed printing mode".

If you have an AirPrint printer or a DNP WCM unit, select "AirPrint", then find your printer in the list and select it. Don't see it? Make sure your iPad is connected to the same network (wifi or ethernet) as your printer: read our Connecting your Printer, iPad, and internet all together article.

If you have a DNP WPS unit, select "DNP WPS". The app will first try to find the WPS unit on its default IP address of If it's not found there, you'll be prompted to enter the IP address of the WPS unit, which you should be able to find on the screen of the unit. After the unit is found, you'll get a choice of the paper-queue selection. Note that 4x6 means 4 x 6" print media with no cuts, and 2x2x6" means 4x6" print media with a cut down the middle (2 strips).

Want to setup your DNP printer to print strips?

Please check out our Setup your DNP WCM to print strips article.

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